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Dinners w/o 5/21

Sunday –

Monday –
Shrimp tacos –

Pork tenderloin- marinated for a few hours in olive oil, soy sauce, fresh rosemary and chopped garlic
Kale avocado salad

Homemade pasta delivery – this week is fettucine Roasted Red and Yellow Pepper Sauce
Mixed green salad with lemon vinaigrette

Thursday –
chicken enchiladas with tomatillo salsa

Friday – out

Saturday –
Grilled salmon – olive oil, s/p, dill, lemon slices
Corn salad with tomatoes and feta
Simple grilled corn on cob with butter for kids
Simple green salad
Grilled bread

Dinners w/o 4/23:

Sunday – out

Monday –
Easy grilled pork tenderloin
Warmed Naan bread from Trader Joe’s
Grilled veggies – green beans, asparagus, yellow onion

Tuesday –
Out – Mio Posto in Bryant

Wednesday –
Grilled beef tenderloin with arugula salad on top – lemon vinaigrette

Thursday –
Shrimp & pork tenderloin tacos – (chop up leftover pork from Monday night)
Chips/ salsa

Friday – out

Saturday – out
Contadino –

Dinners w/o 4/16:

Monday –
Shrimp tostadas –

Tuesday –
Easy Grilled salmon – drizzle with olive oil, salt/pepper, place sliced lemons on top
Cesar salad – romaine and dressing from pasta & co.
Parmesan potatoes – had these this weekend and had to make!

Wednesday –
Citrus marinated chicken –
Roasted broccoli
Brown rice

Thursday –
Salmon & cauliflower with caper vinaigrette

Friday –
Make your own pizzas using Trader Joe’s pizza dough Our favorite kale salad – Kale salad

Saturday – tbd

Dinners w/o 4/2:

Sunday –
Pizza chicken… yes… pizza chicken – Melissa Clark’s cookbook just arrived and can’t wait to try this recipe out. (will use boneless chicken)  and here is a video if you want to watch it being made:

Monday –
Easy grilled pork tenderloin Grapefruit Avocado Salad

Tuesday –
Southwest chicken vegetable soup – made on weekend – froze half for another time

Wednesday –
Lamb sliders (Colby’s favorite)
Sweet potato fries

Thursday –
Shrimp and sweet potato cakes with avocado salsa

Friday – tbd

Satuday – out

Dinners w/o 3/26:

Sunday –
Asian chicken – easy and sooooo good – my kids love it!
Brown rice – I always have this in my freezer. Just pop in the micro for 3 minutes and perfect rice!
Sautéed veggies – Use up whatever veggies are in the fridge. Cut it all up in 1 inch pieces then sautéed in a bit of olive oil & garlic. Tonight I have green beans, onion, asparagus and snow peas.

Monday –
Roasted chicken (minus fennel and add cut up potatoes)

Steak with broccoli and white beans
I am into sheet pat dinners! Quick and easy to make and clean up. I always put parchment paper down first to make cleaning up super easy.

Another one pan-er. Roasted shrimp and asparagus
Steamed brown rice

Fresh pasta delivery

Friday – TBD

Saturday – out

Dinner w/o 3/19

Sunday –
Grilled steaks
Green beans and asparagus cooked in a grill basket on the BBQ – olive oil, s/p, a little garlic salt
Arugula salad with lemon vinaigrette

Monday – out

Tuesday –
Easy Fish tacos (fresh/ wild rockfish on sale at Whole foods)

Wednesday –
Turkey burgers
Frozen fries & sweet potato fries from whole foods

Thursday –
Herby Shrimp

Friday –
Grilled Lemon Chicken Kabobs with Tzatziki
Warmed pita bread
Mixed green salad

Saturday – out

Dinners w/o 3/12:

Sunday –
White fish with ginger and lime sauce – very easy and very good! (we used true cod)
5 minute fried rice
Steamed green beans

Monday –
Pasta with pesto, sausage and green beans – easy!

Tuesday –
Chicken Caesar salad Bought a rotisserie chicken at Whole Foods on my way home from work ($3/off on Mondays!) Chopped up some romaine Had Pasta & Co. Caesar dressing already in the fridge Tossed all together and sprinkled with fresh parm

Wednesday –
Salsa Verde Chicken tacos in the crockpot
Throw a couple chicken breasts/thighs in the crock pot
sprinkle with salt/pepper & cumin
Pour a jar of green salsa (I used trader joe’s brand) and add ¼ – 1/2  cup of water to keep things from drying out
Cook on low for 4-6 hours
Serve with your favorite topping (must do lime crema! – low fat sour cream with fresh lime juice squeezed in – mix together and serve), and warm tortillas

Thursday –
Gnocchi and ragu delivered via Stacia Sander. It’s $27 for fresh pasta and sauce for 4 people delivered each week.

Friday – out

Saturday –
Steak with chimichurri Blasted broccoli