Dinners w/o 9/28:

Sunday – out

Easy turkey Bolognese over pasta (from freezer) http://heatherchristo.com/cooks/2014/09/07/turkey-bolognese/

Tuesday –
Pasta with kale, lemon and walnuts http://www.marinmamacooks.com/2013/10/pasta-kale-lemon-toasted-walnuts/
Roasted cauliflower http://www.doitdelicious.com/recipes/make_it/roasted_cauliflower_and_sage#.VCNbce1THqI.facebook

Wednesday –
Chicken with artichokes and feta http://www.skinnytaste.com/2010/01/chicken-thighs-with-artichoke-hearts.html
Arugula salad with creamy garlic dressing http://www.doitdelicious.com/recipes/make_it/arugula-salad-with-creamy-garlic-dressing/

Thursday –
Blackened chicken and cilantro lime quinoa http://www.sarcasticcooking.com/2012/03/15/blackened-chicken-and-cilantro-lime-quinoa/

Friday – out

Saturday – out


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