Dinners w/o 7/1:

Sunday – out
Terra Plata (my new favorite obsession) www.terraplata.com

Linguini with arugula and crab (didn’t end up making it last week and need to test out before making for friends on Saturday night) http://www.tuesdayrecipe.com/tuesday-recipe-archives/pastas/linguine-arugula-crab-lemon-garlic/

Tuesday – out
Pre-4th of July adult festivities

Wednesday – out
4th of July at family party

Thursday –
Lemon pepper yogurt grilled chicken http://www.dinneralovestory.com/lemon-pepper-chicken/
Simple green salad with balsamic lime vinaigrette http://foodcomablog.com/2011/07/paltrows-balsamic-lime-vinaigrette/

Friday –
At friends for dinner

Saturday – making dinner for friends
Linguini with arugula and crab http://www.tuesdayrecipe.com/tuesday-recipe-archives/pastas/linguine-arugula-crab-lemon-garlic/
Grilled salmon with dill, lemon slices little tabs of butter
Broccoilni – http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/sauteed-broccolini-recipe/index.html


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