Memorial Day BBQ on Sunday!

Hi everyone!

I was planning a Memorial Day (well we are having this on Sunday actually) BBQ and thought I would email out the menu in case anyone needed ideas!

Sunday’s BBQ Menu:
Tuscan Lemon Chicken –  (your butcher should be able to flatten a whole chicken for you – at Whole Foods, it takes them literally 1 minute to do it!)
Grilled panzanella salad –  (I add cubed feta)
Grilled corn on the cobb –
Brownie Pudding –

P.S – thanks for all the kind words of inspiration and support over the past month. I had surgery 2 weeks ago which went great and I start 5 months of chemo in 2 weeks. I feel great and am just gearing up for the next couple of months including appointments such as wig fittings 🙂

Thanks again!

Love, Michele


One response to “Memorial Day BBQ on Sunday!

  1. Louise Cooley

    Hugs to you and yours…love following your meal plans…just wish I had someone to share the great food with….

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